A Few of the Common Questions About Albion

runescapegold100 Date: Jan/12/17 22:56:22 Views: 890

With regard to answer a few of the common questions cocerning about Albion Online's Closed Beta. There is no doubt that gamers are expecting to buy cheap albion online silver.

When did the Final Beta start?

The Final Beta test started on August 1st.

How can I participate in the Final Beta test?

Head on over to the shop and grab a Founder’s Pack.

How long does the Final Beta last?

The Final Beta will last into the next year with a wipe in between. For more information have a look here.

What's new in the Final Beta?

Head on over to the Update page to see whats new.

Since the start of the Beta, we have already added some larger content updates, such as Elaine and Faye.

What do you do when you wipe?

All characters and guilds will be deleted (and our databases cleaned up. But that’s boring stuff). Afterwards, everybody starts from scratch.

What happens to my Founder’s Status and Gold Purchases after a wipe?

After each, your Founder’s status, any Gold purchases made through our website, as well as referral bonuses you earned, will be credited to your account again.

Will there be another wipe?

We will wipe once during our Beta test when the new world design will be implemented to see if everything works well. For the release there will also with a clean slate for everyone.

What about the Release Version?

You will of course be able to access the Release Version of the game with your Founder's Pack. If you don't have one, you will need a Starter Pack - a new type of pack that will replace our Founder's Packs around release. it's so easy to buy albion online gold at the cheapest price on UPAlbion