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  • [News] Path of Exile: New POE Gamers Will Flock To The Online Game [03/21/2018]
    PoE appears by yourself to be a gritty, dim as well as ingesting RPG. The truth that PoE will be business' solely activity causes it to become all the more extraordinary it exist from a earth associated with big-name on the net RPGs similar to Diablo III, World of Warcraft, along with The Elder Scrolls. Path of exile currency and path of exile items are always in extremely high demand since those are the most wanted out of all of them. Everything here is done by a person and it will always remain that way.
  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV: THE PRIMALS Recorded 18 Songs [03/20/2018]
    The first album "THE PRIMALS" (released May 16, 2018) content of the decision is decided! New information of the first recorded song "RISE" new Music Video and live tour is also released!
  • [News] Diablo Clone Path Of Exile Is Fair [03/20/2018]
    As a chubby marauder swinging the ax or as delicate witch throwing fireballs at the monsters, Path of Exile offers seven characters and many possibilities.
  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV Adds New Elements In Eureka Anemos [03/15/2018]
    As announced by Square Enix, the new update of Final Fantasy XIV arrives today on all servers. The latter offers new combat mechanics, new weapons and unpublished rewards.
  • [News] All Path Of Exile Orbs U4GM Sell Is Clean And Safe [03/15/2018]
    Although there are lots of PoE Orbs sellers online, U4GM is the leading one of them. We have developed 10 years and the customers have exceeded 500,000 already because our team provides 100% safe service for you all the time.
  • [News] Path Of Exile History And First Impressions [03/10/2018]
    The first contact with the game is a bit strange. Without the iconic cinematics of the Diablo series, you are thrown directly onto a beach.
  • [News] Preview Of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.25 [03/09/2018]
    Square Enix announced the release date and published some images of the next update for Final Fantasy XIV.
  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV Introduces New Zone Called Eureka With 4.25 [03/05/2018]
    On March 13th, the nostalgic of Final Fantasy III will be able to relive some of their old emotions on Final Fantasy XIV, thanks to the introduction of the new zone called Eureka with the 4.25 update, which will be released on March 13th according to what was declared by Lodestone.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Bestiary League Patch 3.2.0 [03/05/2018]
    Since its first release in 2013, the New Zealand developer studio has been producing new content updates for Path of Exile at no charge. So also with the new Bestiary League Patch 3.2.0.
  • [News] POE: Bestiary Introduces A New Gameplay Element Focused On Beasts [03/01/2018]
    Path of Exile: Bestiary will be available on March 2nd for PC and Xbox One. Tomorrow, we will meet the new update, now why don't we take a look at the new content of this update? If you haven't still enjoy this update's trailer, you can see the following video, more videos and screenshots, and everything what you need to know, click for source.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Beastcrafting Rewards [02/28/2018]
    A significant component of the Bestiary league is all of the new crafting opportunities that are now available by sacrificing your beasts at the Blood Altar.
  • [News] Path Of Exile: The Good And The Bad [02/27/2018]
    Path of Exile is a free action RPG in which players are abandoned on the dark shores of the continent of Wraeclast, a cursed criminal colony full of horrors.
  • [News] Have Path Of Exile Items As A Secret Weapon [02/09/2018]
    Path of Exile is the first true cross-platform MMO available for Windows, Xbox One. The game offers players an extensive character customization system with seven classes and dynamic PvP battles.
  • [News] FFXIV Lets You Have Multiple Classes On The Same Character [02/07/2018]
    In Final Fantasy XIV, there are filled with gorgeous, colorful architecture, vast sweeping plains and bizarre new creatures. The world's most story driven MMO in history, with using these jump potions, is like paying money so you can disable the multiplayer in a Call of Duty game just so you can enjoy the campaign. Final Fantasy XIV is a decent game, but it's nowhere near the best in terms of combat and gameplay. It's the best time to know more news about FFXIV.
  • [News] What Makes Path Of Exile So Great Is The Replayability [02/05/2018]
    Earn devastating skills and valuable items as you fight your way through the dark continent of Wraeclast. With unrivaled character customization, Path of Exile is an award-winning online Action RPG created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers.
  • [News] FFXIV: Square Enix Is Making A Bunch Of Nitty-gritty Changes [02/03/2018]
    With the release of Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2, Square Enix is making a bunch of nitty-gritty changes under the hood. The massive Final Fantasy XIV update 4.2 was launched on previous month. Titled Rise of a New Sun, new PvP updates and additional campaign missions have been announced, as well as the return of Kefka being teased in the most recent trailer. Follow us, we can see the full patch notes at here:
  • [News] U4GM Is Your Best Choice To Buy Currency For Path Of Exile [01/30/2018] is the Best PoE Items store online. We supply Cheap PoE Items, PoE Orbs, Chaos buy Orbs, Exalted Orbs. We provide our customers The lower price and discount promotion make you save more money! We already have successful experience to do so for 8 years.
  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV Rise Of A New Sun Have Been Released Entirely [01/30/2018]
    Today, Final Fantasy XIV new patch, Rise of a New Sun have been released in their entirety, additional update and related screenshots have been revealed. For instance, fashion report, performance actions, duty recorder, new crafting recipes, new mounts, new minions, new emotes, new hairstyles and more. The full news and guides, videos and screenshots, find more at here.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Gives Players A Tried And Tested Diablo Formula [01/25/2018]
    Path of Exile is perhaps one of the most unique games of the subgenre, or even the entire RPG genre as a whole. Path of Exile gives players a tried and tested Diablo-esque formula: top-down point of view, traditional class archetypes, randomly generated maps and items, and an air of horror and mystery. Path of Exile manages to be familiar yet new all at the same time, players have a good mind to buy exalted orbs from U4GM.
  • [News] Top Best Path Of Exile Orbs Supplier - U4GM [01/25/2018]
    We are do price check every few minutes to make the cheap PoE orbs price in the market, so our price is usually the cheapest. The Delivery department work 24/7/365, so whenever you buy PoE orbs we can usually finish the delivery in few minutes.
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