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  • PoE 3.3 Shadow Assassin Builds [07/19/2018]
    The Assassin is an offense-oriented class centered about essential strikes. The course provides enhanced crits on total or low life enemies and enhancing their power charges.
  • A Common Misconception In TERA Warrior [07/12/2018]
    Now before moving on, I want to discuss something that is a common misconception amongst many Warriors, both inexperienced and experienced ones alike. A common misconception: “Rotations” vs “Situational Gameplay, Instinct & Priority Chaining”.
  • New To the Game and Need A Few Questions Answered - PoE [05/21/2018]
    So, I am new to the game started a couple of days ago I am in act3 (i need go the ebony barracks) Level 30 Marauder and absolutely loving the game.
  • Most Players Eventually Ignore What Aspects of the Game - PoE [05/17/2018]
    With a couple of weeks left before the new league starts, and people already getting into that in-between-leagues mode especially with the flashback event hype winding down
  • Wilson Explained The Details Of The PoE Incursion League [05/15/2018]
    "While it is technically league in terms of the fact that players have to make new characters to play in it, it has all the things you want in an expansion: new voice acted character, locations, monsters, items, skills, and so on." Incursion is difficult to label as a league or an expansion. It's basically both. He explained.
  • IIR was Better than IIQ for Making Currency in Path of Exile [05/11/2018]
    It now appears to me that adding IIR affects the overall distribution of item types in such a way that more currency orbs drop overall, and IIR likely has an affect on the frequency distribution of orb types as well.
  • Choosing Juggernaut As Your Character For PoE Flashback [05/07/2018]
    Flashback Event is organized by Path of Exile official website, which from May 4 to May 28. Which Character For PoE Flashback would you choose? Juggernaut is definately a fine choice for this kind of build.
  • How Would Bestiary Be Incorporated Into the Core Game in PoE [05/05/2018]
    Bestiary is going to be rolled into the core game in some form or the other. So I thought we might as well start discussing how they can do that while minimizing the problematic aspects of the league so that we eventually come to see it as a positive addition to the game.
  • Making A Guide for Your Meme Arrow Build in Path of Exile [04/28/2018]
    This is not a build for beginners. If you are looking for a more viable, less meme and more boring build that will safely get you through the game albeit at a slower pace
  • Reasons On Why Do You Enjoy PoE SSF [04/26/2018]
    In Path of Exile, If you never played SSF, and uncertain whether it would be a great time to try. in fact, many players enjoy SSF, I collected some reasons why many players enjoy SSF for your reference.
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