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  • Final Fantasy XIV New Job Details And Patch Update [03/25/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.55 has been launched, this new update is called the far edge of fate, before the launch of the new stormblood, Final Fantasy XIV will be getting it's final update, on top of that, patch 3.56 plan on revealing on March 28th, before the new expansion goes live at the end of June, along with a nice three months to play around with the new content.Basically, most of others are looking forward to two new dungeons, concerning its futher details than that have yet to be given out.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: New Vvardenfell Island [03/11/2017]
    According to the announcement of ESO, the upcoming Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online is different from the events of The Elder Scrolls III. Recently, ESO post an article to explain the differences between the old Vvardenfell and the new one.
  • Gamers Are Expect To Albion Release & a Players Idea [01/12/2017]
    To be honest, I have been gone trying other game, but, not surprisingly, for these other game, apparently, I can't be attracted by these games, anyway, I have been focusing on Albion Online, by buying cheap albion online gold to fufill my desire.
  • A Few of the Common Questions About Albion [01/12/2017]
    With regard to answer a few of the common questions cocerning about Albion Online's Closed Beta. There is no doubt that gamers are expecting to buy cheap albion online silver.
  • DOFUS Touch Money Making Tips In Low Level [12/29/2016]
    As we know, many low level recipes are either not wanted or require huge investments in time and kamas. Here're some methods you can use as a low level player to make some kamas.
  • Albion Online: The Revised Objects System & The Fate Panel [12/28/2016]
    You probably not know, nonetheless, War legendary weighs in Albion, Due to a extremely solid economic pole to support the two fighting poles(GVG as well as PVE), and in order to complete his ranks, the guild led by Kam is looking for new talents.
  • The Major Improvements Of Albion Online: Game Content [12/28/2016]
    For the current status of the game, the makers of the upcoming MMORPG Albion Online will inform you, what's more, and reveal what players can expect in the future. It was announced that the planned Free2Play model was refused by Albion Online at the end of last year, wherein the title is sold at a fixed price at the end. Note that: found out more here: UPAlbion.
  • Why Jagex Keeps RuneScape Servers Online [12/21/2016]
    Jagex maintains support for three separate versions of RuneScape - classic, old school, and modern - each based on different iterations of the game throughout its history. And here is why.
  • Premier Club Subscription Plans Launch on RuneScape [12/10/2016]
    While players have always been able to opt into a subscription plan for RuneScape, Jagex has announced a new way to make this membership more appealing: The Premier Club.
  • Storage Wars Style Update Comes to RuneScape [11/28/2016]
    Before long at RuneFest however, Jagex announced Bank Bidders, a way to bring these lost items back into the game.
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