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  • Puncture is Literally the Definition of A Single Target Skill - PoE [04/19/2018]
    I decided while under the influence to attempt to make a puncture build "work". Back before the nerf to DoTs, puncture was actually useable as a skill;
  • Path of Exile: Bestiary vs Abyss [04/17/2018]
    In Path of Exile, Bestiary and Abyss, which is the most popular league you think?
  • Final Fantasy XIV Appears On PSVR Demos [04/14/2018]
    It has been two years since VR showed in reality. Recently, some AAA games appear in the VR demos, which one is Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Assess The Path of Exile [04/14/2018]
    Today we're going to write a review of the same game with Grim Dawn, more exactly Diablo 2, which I played two years ago. I assure you that you have played Grim Dawn, Diablo 2 or similar titles will definitely see the following RPG game will be much more challenging: Path of Exile.
  • Path Of Exile's 3.3.0 Update Will Be Announced Next Month [04/10/2018]
    Prompts will begin shortly within a month for the major patch of Path of Exile known as Content Update 3.3.0. Although we do not know the exact details of the update yet, the producer company has given an explanation today and informed the players what to expect.
  • Suit Bunny Male Outfits At Final Fantasy XIV PAX East 2018 [04/09/2018]
    During a session at PAX East 2018, Square Enix revealed that the male characters in Final Fantasy XIV will be able to wear "bunny" suit soon with update 4.3.
  • Path Of Exile Will Begin The Era Of The Royal Battle [04/04/2018]
    Having consulted and thoroughly prepared, the studio solemnly announced the release of a new update, which will put an end to the Path of Exile as a role-playing game and will begin the era of the Royal Battle.
  • The New Coming Final Fantasy XIV Online GO [04/02/2018]
    Pokemon GO has to dress warmly. Square Enix brings a competing product to your smartphones with Final Fantasy XIV Online GO. The game turns your environment into a material collector's paradise.
  • Path Of Exile Already Has Plans For The Next Update [03/30/2018]
    The latest update of Path of Exile has not been out for a month, but that has not stopped Grinding Gear Games to start with the plans for the next update, and it is rumored that it will come loaded with some important changes for the ARPG.
  • How Was The Brazen Chat Exploit In Final Fantasy XIV [03/27/2018]
    In a forum post, the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida explained how it came about that the Ungarmax glitch made it through the QA tests into the final game. With that, players could properly deal damage by a simple chat command. Actually an incredible exploit.
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